A sampling of Church Life at New Hope Presbyterian Church.

Monthly shepherding groups

Great fellowship

Art camp

Celebrating a birthday

Art Fair

Catching up with friends

March for Life in Washington DC

Young adult activities

Active youth group

Community outreach

Make new friends

Ladies' Ministries

Good conversations

Summer outdoor movie nights

Fun fellowship

Special celebrations

Time for dessert?

The Direction of Words

The Direction of Words

There are many verses in the Bible that encourage me and fill my soul with hope. But then there are other verses that scare and sober me. Proverbs 18:21 is near the top of that latter list.

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The Mission of Words

The Mission of Words

Why do we speak to other people? First and foremost, we speak because it’s our natural design. God hardwired us with the unique ability and desire to engage in a social environment.

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Christian Education

Christian Education

Video 3: In this week’s video, we are reminded that our gifts to the Thank Offering support the work of the Committee on Christian Education as it seeks to help relieve our interns from worldly care as they pursue a full training schedule in conjunction with their seminary courses, including:

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