This week’s video features the work of Christian Education.
Your giving to WorldWide Outreach will assist the Committee on Christian Education as they provide resources for the church to grow in the knowledge of the Lord, including things like:
New Horizons, Ordained Servant,, GCP Sunday School Materials, Trinity Psalter Hymnal, Internships, Ministerial Training (MTI)

“My name is Zach Siggins … I served as a summer-intern at Living Hope under John Van Meerbeke, and I also served as a yearlong-intern at Calvary OPC Glenside under Mark Sallade.”


My internships were the context where I first learned that I can do nothing in ministry without the very present help of the Lord.


“You can preach to a preaching class, but that’s very different than preaching to people—people you know, people you love …. People who want to be fed as the people of God.”

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Christian Education 
Danny Olinger, general secretary

Home Missions 
John Shaw, general secretary,

Al Tricarico, assoc. general secretary,

Foreign Missions 
Mark Bube, general secretary,

Douglas Clawson, assoc. general secretary,


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2021 Christian Education Video

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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