A sampling of Church Life at New Hope Presbyterian Church.

A Way That Leads To Death

A Way That Leads To Death

One of the biggest spiritual dangers that Christians experience on this side of eternity is death masquerading as life. The enemy will promise life, but what it actually results in is death. It was the lie that tricked Adam and Eve, and frustratingly, our sinful hearts continue to fall for the false promises.

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What Is A Christ-Centered Life?

What Is A Christ-Centered Life?

“Christ-Centered” – it’s a phrase we love to use. It’s probably in the mission statement of your church and in the title of a book you own. But “Christ-Centered” is a lot easier to talk about than to live, isn’t it? In the mundane moments of everyday life, a lot of other things compete with Christ for center stage.

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Monthly shepherding groups

Great fellowship

Art camp

Celebrating a birthday

Art Fair

Catching up with friends

March for Life in Washington DC

Young adult activities

Active youth group

Community outreach

Make new friends

Ladies' Ministries

Good conversations

Summer outdoor movie nights

Fun fellowship

Special celebrations

Time for dessert?

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