This week’s video features the work of Christian Education.

Your giving to WorldWide Outreach will assist the Committee on Christian Education as they provide resources for the church to grow in the knowledge of the Lord, including things like:

New Horizons, Ordained Servant,, GCP Sunday School Materials, Trinity Psalter Hymnal, Internships, Ministerial Training (MTI)

“I even questioned my call to ministry because I was doing so poorly but the Lord in brining me to the lower places also then revived my soul and my ministry and my gifts in ways that even today I look back on and see the way the Lord was growing me.” 

– Ben Waard 


It is good that we not only go to school and live life in the church, but also that we have a space to practice and exercise gifts of leadership, preaching, teaching, visiting, and those sorts of things.

We left that class with a greater love for our savior and a greater desire to worship him and an even greater desire to take those truths on the beauty of reformed worship and the heritage that was passed onto us and deliver that and communicate that to our congregations.”  – Robert Arendale

2022 Thank Offering: Christian Education

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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