Are you a helper?  Are you willing to come alongside others and help?  Sometimes we are willing to take on responsibilities, but only if it’s our idea and we can be in charge; sometimes we indicate we’re willing to “help”, but we aren’t really willing to commit ourselves.  Let me challenge you this morning to commit to being a helper.  Resolve that, by the grace of God, you will help with __________(fill in the blank).  (Hint: volunteers are always needed to help with preparing meals for the sick, maintaining the church grounds, nursery duty, ushering, greeting, flower arrangement, the sound system…) You can also be a helper at home and in the community. Remember: God is our Great Help in time of trouble!  ~ Pastor Claude


Weekly Spiritual Checkup • Jan 23, 2014 • Are you a helper?

New Hope Presbyterian Church is a Bible Believing Church.

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