Art Camp 2021 Update Day 4

Flowers, flowers, flowers–today we made tissue paper flowers! The children learned how to make all sorts of flowers using a pipe cleaner and different colors and shapes of tissue paper. We also learned what it means to be justified by God’s grace: when Jesus takes away our sin, God the Father declares us righteous and adopts us as His children. What wonderful truths to grow and blossom in our lives!

Meanwhile, we are getting very excited about Art Camp Sunday. This Sunday at 10am, everyone—parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, church members and visitors—are invited to join us for a special worship service OUTSIDE in the shade under the trees. (It’s been surprisingly cool and breezy in the shade in the mornings, even when the rest of the day is warm and muggy). Dress casually and bring camp chairs or a blanket to sit on (though If you don’t have anything to bring, we have plenty of chairs you can borrow). We’ll have a special worship service using Bible verses that we learned during the week, and afterwards we’ll have a free hot dog cookout! What a wonderful way to celebrate a wonderful week together!  We hope everyone will join us for this special service and a relaxed cookout afterwards!

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Art Camp 2021 Update Day 4

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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