Art Camp 2023 Day 3

We were blessed with another wonderful day of Art Camp! In our opening message, we talked about how Jesus uses the message of the Bible to help us grow (and tomorrow, we’re going to learn what that message is!).

Today the kids continued designing their mini gardens. This time they worked in clay as they made tiny houses for their miniature gardens. The creativity they display every day is wonderful to see!

The kids also made great progress learning their hymn and memorizing Psalm 1. There might have been some prizes for Bible memory work today… Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Church continued their lessons from the beautiful book we’ve been using all week, The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung.

Outdoor recreation continues to be lots of fun. And our snack was so delicious (BIG homemade chocolate chip cookie bars, thank you, Mrs. Fenton!!) that some of the children asked to take one home!

The children were especially sweet today; pray that God’s Word would be like good seed that really takes root in their hearts. 


Check out the gallery below.


Art Camp 2023 Day 3

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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