Art Camp 2023 Day 5

Today in Art Camp 2023 Day 5, we concluded our week of Art Camp by learning about the Holy Spirit and the fruit of God’s Spirit in our lives. We also practiced the song and memory verses we’ve been learning all week. During their lessons today, the students finished both the book and their artwork. The older ones turned their favorite pieces into canvases.

Our art project was edible today. First, the students drew a picture on a paper plate which was then transformed into a bowl to hold the three cookies they were about to decorate. They mixed up their own cream cheese icing and then decorated their cookies with their icing and cut-up fresh fruit. We sent the recipe home for anyone who wanted to make more of them – we hope you all got to enjoy a tasty bite of them!

Finally, we capped off the week (and beat the heat) by playing tossing games with water balloons outside and wrapping up with a water balloon war! Getting wet felt good on a hot day like today!

Now we’re looking forward to Art Camp Sunday to celebrate and give thanks for a wonderful week!

Check out the gallery below.


Art Camp 2023 Day 5

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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