The Boardwalk Chapel will be in its 76th year of operation this summer by the grace of God. At the Chapel, we have clarified our goals through a three-prong method—train our summer staff in apologetics and evangelism, seek to encourage and build up our visiting churches and their youth, and reach the many lost tourists and international workers for our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we have sought to do so, the Lord has provided ways to expand the ministry, specifically by inviting new churches to assist us during the busy summer months. This fall, we are seeking to fill our 2021 Summer Schedule with churches who either have not yet had the opportunity to serve with us or have not been involved in the Chapel ministry in some time. If your church falls within either of these two categories, I strongly encourage you to consider coming with a group of young people in the near future.

What does the Boardwalk Chapel ministry seek to provide to our visiting churches?

  • An opportunity for practical leadership and public speaking for ministry-minded young people within appropriate bounds of oversight.
  • A training ground for young people considering foreign missions, church planting, local ministry, and any other type of Kingdom-building efforts.
  • Apologetics and evangelism training with immediate hands-on practice through conversations with tourists and international workers on the Boardwalk.
  • An atmosphere where young individuals and experienced staff are able to work together and learn to glorify God through music and drama.

… and the list continues, as the Lord graciously teaches us where we are to grow and seek to expand the ministry, not only toward the public, but also toward the churches that we work alongside and mutually serve.

We are also seeking more young people to come and serve with us on our summer staff for the summer.  Regular activities for staff include attending lectures to strengthen their faith, sharing their musical/drama/speaking skills on stage during the nightly programs, enjoying fellowship with other believers, witnessing to visitors about the Lord, and much more. Summer staff positions are open to any young adult who is a member in good standing and regular attendance at a Bible-believing church. We are currently inviting anyone interested to review the openings online and submit an application, our applications will open on November 1st (See application button below) and they will receive an answer within fourteen days of having completed the application packet. 

Finally, we have two training weeks in the beginning of June that are open to anyone who would like to come. These two weeks can be attended independently, but both are sure to encourage and grow the saints in evangelism and apologetics. Attached is a flyer that has more details on them.

The Lord has greatly blessed the ministry in Wildwood for His own name’s sake, and we pray that the Chapel will continue in many years to come. I encourage you to explore more details about the Chapel ministry as found on our website, Facebook, and Instagram. I have attached the following for your convenience: a flyer that I encourage you to pass on in order to stir the hearts and minds of Christ’s disciples for how He might use and call them as we seek to faithfully declare His gospel; a presentation slide for Sunday Morning announcements; and a link for our promotional video found on Youtube, please share this as you see fit. For certain, the work here could not be done without the countless hours of prayer and dedicated labor put into it by brothers and sisters all over the world. We work unto the Lord, and urge you to come and join us as you are able.

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Boardwalk Chapel Summer 2021 Opportunities

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