Crates for Ukraine

The New Hope deacons are encouraging us to participate in “Crates for Ukraine,” an OPC / PCA ministry to Ukraine that will involve sending crates of medical and other supplies.

#1 “Basic Wound Care” Crate (MOST NEEDED)

#2 “Basic Meds” Crate

#3 “Basic Care” Crate

  • Provide what you can from each list.  You do not have to send each item on the list in a crate, but please only send items from the list. DO NOT, DO NOT deviate from the list. Adding extra items could jeopardize our ability to ship aid. It may seem like no big deal… but please do not add any extra items.  
  • Unless specifically noted otherwise, the links below are a suggestion for reference only. You are not required to buy from these links or the specific brand/type listed. BUT, please make certain to buy equivalent items. 
  • Please DO NOT mix items from the (3) lists. Each crate type should be packed with only items on that specific crate type list. In other words, don’t put “Basic Care” items in a “Basic wound care” crate. 


Click the button below for a Google Document with complete details for items for each crate.

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Crates for Ukraine

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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