Deacon Fred de Ru (Wasilla, AK), center, is serving as the Hurricane Florence Relief Site Coordinator in North Carolina. Here he is joined by Jim Flanagan of New Bern, NC, and Elder Mike Cloy of Gastonia, NC, who are also involved in the Hurricane Florence relief efforts.

Deacons as Mobilizers of Volunteers:  At its recent meeting, the Committee on Diaconal Ministries (CDM) deliberated over the shortage of volunteers coming forward to help with hurricane relief in North Carolina following Hurricane Florence.

As a deacon, you can make a great contribution to overcoming this shortage by mobilizing individuals or teams from your church to go and serve:

  • Make sure your church is aware of the needs:
  • Identify those in your congregation who are skilled or available to serve
  • Organize a team
  • Finance the trip with diaconal funds

This issue of the Mercy Minute includes inspiring messages from deacons and others who have a lot to share from their experience as volunteers.


Deacons as Mobilizers of Volunteers  •  New Hope Presbyterian Church

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