End of Summer Newsletter
UPDATES  September 2021  Vol 1 Issue 4

And just like that, the season of ministry is officially over! Is it just us or did it fly by? This summer was an answer to prayer and a blessing from the Lord. We had 39 people serve on our staff, with only a few returners from last year, and to the Chapel as a whole. A great amount of our staff also came from church groups for our end of summer staff, spending hours in prayer seeking the Lord and prioritizing evangelism. This year was marked with a different atmosphere -evident to all who stopped by. Never have we had so many people wanting to return next year and join staff for the first time. Praise God!We are excited to see how many will return for summer 2022, and how many church groups will send their youth to serve for the summer, or for a week as a missions trip. The Lord has moved so mightily and done so many great things, all glory to him! We hope that this final summer newsletter is an encouragement to you all. Again, thank you for your support and your prayers. We love you all so dearly. hungering for another opportunity for evangelism. Each week of the summer was filled with a church group eager to learn about evangelism and desiring to Lord. Our training weeks were full with people coming from all around, wanting to grow in their knowledge of the Lord and practice evangelism. People on the Boardwalk engaged in conversations with our staff, many taking Bibles and calling on the name of the Lord. The staff were eager to serve,


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End of Summer Newsletter

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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