Forgive Me

From Paul Tripp Ministries

Father forgive me
I am a sinner
in desperate need of your grace.

Forgive me for the sins
I name as less than sinful.
Forgive me for hating the sin in others
more than my own sin.
Forgive me for every moment
when I love what you name as evil.
Forgive me for loving my pleasure
more than I love you.
Forgive me for those times
when I complain to you more than praise you.
Forgive me for those times
when my talk is not shaped by a love for you and others.
Forgive me for those moments when I fail
to give others the grace you’ve given me.
Forgive me for those times I want control
rather than resting in your control.
Forgive me for when I doubt your
wisdom, mercy, and love.
Forgive me for every moment when I am angry
because I did not get my own way.
Forgive me for those times I fail to witness
to your rescuing grace.
Forgive me for often loving earthly treasures more
than the spiritual treasures you have lavished on me.
Forgive me for those many moments when I have failed
to love my spouse as you love your church.
Forgive me for those times when I have used my gifts
for my glory and not yours.
Forgive me when my fantasies
are outside of your boundaries.
Forgive me when I have responded to the weaknesses
of others with irritation and not grace.
Forgive me when I am comfortable with a dichotomy
between what I profess and how I live.
Forgive me when I allow the distractions of earth
to keep me from seeking the things above.
Forgive me when I am not a good steward
of my time, energy, and resources.
Forgive me for every time I battle for my way
instead of joyfully submitting to your way.
Forgive me for every moment I fail
to seek and celebrate your generous forgiveness.
Forgive me for failing to quest to be
holy as you are holy.
Forgive me for every instance where
my heart wanders from your righteous path.
Forgive me for words unsaid that should’ve been said
and for words said that should never have been said.
Forgive me for feeling entitled to be loved
while at that same time failing to love.
Forgive me for carrying a burden of guilt
because I have doubted your forgiveness.
Forgive me for those times when I have failed
to love justice, mercy, and humility.

So, I bow before your holiness,
not because of my righteousness
but because of the perfect righteousness of the Son.
Knowing that my penalty has been paid,
I come to you for what
only you can offer.
Please work to keep my heart tender
and may my mouth always be willing to confess
my need for your forgiveness.

God bless,

Paul David Tripp

Reflection Questions

Look through the list of “Forgive me” confessions contained in this meditation. Identify two or three that resonate with you the most or convict you the most. Then, in light of those confessions, reflect on the following questions:

1. How did you sin in this way recently? Can you identify your sin with specifics, or is your conviction distant and ambiguous? Why is it important to see the details of your sin and feel its weight?

2. In the immediate aftermath of your sin, was your initial reaction to cry out to the Lord for forgiveness, or did it take time? Or was your response to blame someone or something else for your transgression? Why were you tempted to look outside of yourself for the cause of your sin?

3. Have you publicly confessed your sin to another brother or sister, different from your spouse? Or are you keeping your sin and confession private between you and the Lord? Why should you bring your struggles out in the open and let others know about them?

4. Are you struggling with guilt and shame over this sin? Do you find it hard to believe that the Lord has actually removed this transgression as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12)? How is this doubt impacting your relationship with Christ? What else does the Bible have to say about God’s forgiveness? Find more passages to memorize and recall.

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Forgive Me

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