This is not your typical Weekly Spiritual Checkup!  We give thanks for the men who fill the pulpit and preach the Sunday sermons when pastor Claude is on study leave.  This past week pastor Claude was planing and preparing for an upcoming Easter outreach and needed time away from his daily duties to concentrate on this project.  We are thankful for retired Pastor Stan Sutton for filling in for pastor Claude’s morning sermon.  Pastor Sutton was ordained in the OPC in 1965, and has served OPC churches in Marietta, Ohio;  South Dakota;  Portland, Maine;  and in Westfield, N.J. for 27 years before retiring in 2013.  His wife Maureen has served Christ in Biblical counseling and with women’s groups.  You can listen to Pastor Stan’s sermon by clicking here.


Weekly Spiritual Checkup  •  New Hope Presbyterian Church

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