“God spoke”

“As soon as we begin the Book of Hebrews, we encounter what is perhaps the single most important statement that could be made in our time: “God spoke”. This is one of the most vital things people today need to know. Ours is a relativistic age; as many as 70 percent of Americans insist that there are no absolutes, whether in matters of truth or morality. Secular society having removed God, there no longer is a heavenly voice to speak with clarity and authority….Even when it comes to those things we think we know, we now consider them mere constructs of thought amidst the constant flux of uncertain knowledge and belief. Really, we are told, we don’t know anything for sure, nor can we….Unless God has spoken, we cannot even be sure that He is there; unless God is there, there is no ultimate hope for us as individuals, and no answer for the ultimate problem of death….If God is there and wants us to know Him—if He has an answer, a plan, or a salvation—He is going to have to speak to us. And He must speak in a way that we can understand. Therefore, there is nothing more important, nothing more essential, than what Hebrews says in its very first verse: “God has spoken.” – Richard Philipps


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“God spoke”

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