How the Westminster Standards Relate to Deacons

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Have you ever tried to find the word, “deacon” (or elder for that matter) in the Westminster Standards? If you have, you probably couldn’t find it, because it isn’t referred to explicitly by name. Does that mean the Standards aren’t important for deacons to study?  

Listen as Westminster Assembly scholar Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn describes the profound impact the Westminster Standards has on the role of Reformed deacons. His expertise provides a glimpse into the spiritual requirements of a deacon and gives insight to the Westminster Standards as they relate to deacons. 

In this episode, Dr. Van Dixhoorn answers questions from a hypothetical deacon-in-training named Bob, who, after being given the Standards to study, questions their relevance to deacons.

Dr. Van Dixhoorn navigates through the importance of the Confession of Faith and Catechisms in maintaining unity and transparency in doctrine. 

Dr. Van Dixhoorn’s insights remind us that the role of a deacon extends far beyond the ordinary, offering solace and motivation through the communion of saints. As we conclude, we’re left with a renewed appreciation for the Westminster Standards’ relevance and an affirmation of their critical use in Christ’s church.

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How the Westminster Standards Relate to Deacons

by Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn | The Reformed Deacon

How the Westminster Standards Relate to Deacons

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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