If we’re not saved by our works, of what use are the 10 Commandments?

1. God’s law helps restrain evil. “Thou shalt not murder”, for example, discourages violent behavior in society.
2. God’s law convicts us and shows us our need for Christ. None of are able to completely fulfill God’s law, and so the 10 commandments drive us to Jesus, who has fulfilled the law for us.
3. God’s law shows us how Christ wants us to live. Now that we are in Christ, He increasingly empowers and enables us to live according to His commandments.

“The law of God is like a mirror. Now the purpose of a mirror is to reveal to you that your face is dirty, but the purpose of the mirror is not to wash your face…. the purpose of the mirror is to drive you to the water.”-Donald Grey Barnhouse

“A low view of law always brings legalism in religion; a high view of law makes a man a seeker after grace.” -J. Gresham Machen

“By sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, He condemned sin in the flesh, in order that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us…”  Romans 8:3,4


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If we’re not saved by our works…

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