Man is an Enigma

“They seek God down below and He is up above. They seek Him on earth, and He is in heaven. They seek Him in money, property, fame, power, and in passion, and He is found in the high and holy places, and with him who is of a contrite and humble spirit. They seek Him, and at the same time flee from Him. Man longs for truth and is false by nature. He yearns for rest, and throws himself from one diversion upon another. He pants for a permanent and eternal bliss, and seizes on the pleasures of a moment. He seeks for God and loses himself in the creature. He is a born son of the house, and he feeds on the husks of the swine in a strange land. He is as a hungry man who dreams he is eating, and when he awakes, finds that his soul is empty. Science cannot explain this contradiction in man. Man is an enigma whose solution can be found only in God.”
–Herman Bavinck


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Man is an Enigma

New Hope Presbyterian Church • Bridgeton, NJ

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