Mission Team 2020 Serving in Midland, Michigan

New Hope partnered with two other local OPC churches to form Mission Team 2020. The team consists of Rich Duggan, Tandem Mints, and Tim Milchling (all from New Hope), along with David Hitchner (from Faith OPC, Pole Tavern) and Caleb De Ruiter (from Providence OPC, Mantua). Their goal was to help families in Michigan who had their homes severely damaged by the recent flooding. The team left for Midland, Michigan, on Monday, August 31, returning on Saturday, September 5.

It was originally thought that they would be installing sheetrock, but apparently our team was needed to do some much-needed demolition instead. A family’s dock to a now non-existent lake needed to be removed for safety.

OPC Disaster Response

The teams are serving as part of the ongoing OPC Disaster Response effort. Teams go wherever help is needed to share the love and compassion of Christ with communities hard-hit by natural disasters. Why have a disaster response organization?

With the frequency of major disasters and the current threat of terrorism, there has never been a better time or a better reason for the OPC as a church, and as a denomination, to show God’s love and mercy in such a vital way. While offering many types of assistance to the victims of a broad range of catastrophic situations, we hope to meet the victims’ immediate needs, help to rebuild their lives, and hopefully affect their eternal destiny as well.” (OPC Disaster Response FAQ’s)


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Mission Team 2020

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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