We were created to worship the Creator, so if we reject Him, we will worship something else. We are “tellic” creatures—purposed people; we have to live for something. There has to be something which captures our imagination and our allegiance, which is the resting place of our deepest hopes and which we look to to calm our deepest fears. Whatever that thing is, we worship it, and so we serve it. It becomes our bottom line, the thing we cannot live without, defining and validating everything we do….Paul is saying that the human heart loves to make a good thing into its god thing….The main problem of our heart is not so much desires for bad things, but our over-desires for good things, our turning of created, good things into gods, objects of our worship and service.”
Timothy Keller, Romans 1-7 For You

Photo by Mary Taylor


We Must Worship Something •  Weekly Spiritual Checkup • May 15, 2016

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