National Diaconal Summit 4

Attention Deacons! Listen to the podcast “Why You Should Attend the National Diaconal Summit in June”

Pastor of Resurrection OPC in Matthews, NC, and president of the Committee on Diaconal Ministries, Nathan Trice, deacons Chris Sudlow, Geno Altiery and Mark Palmer sit down to reminisce about their personal experiences with previous diaconal summits, and why it was meaningful to them.

“See, that’s exactly what I love about the Summit right there! You are embedded, surrounded and fellowshipping with a couple hundred humble servants of God. That really is an experience. If you’ve never been to one of the summits that I promise you will have an impact on you, if you attend the Summit.”

“One of the things [the OPC Committee on Diaconal Ministries] has gained an appreciation for over the years is just how much a deacon to the OPC are hungry for ongoing practical training in their office.” “Presbyterianism in general, ministers and elders have this pattern…this element of church life where they’re gathering with their fellow leaders—at least the Presbytery level. And then, of course, in the case of many, in the yearly General Assemblies. But I think that’s what these National Diaconal Summits have provided for that third office of Deacon in the church, they provided opportunity for gatherings. The Committee on Diaconal Ministries had a couple of goals for these gatherings—a couple of reasons for their existence. One of them is the teaching opportunity they provide and the other is the fellowship.”

The next National Diaconal Summit 4 is scheduled for June 2-4, 2022 in Wheaton, Illinois.

If you haven’t made the commitment to be there, this episode may just convince you that,
as a deacon, an opportunity like this is rare, unique and amazing—a not-to-miss experience.

Listen to the podcast below.


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National Diaconal Summit 4

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