Need catching up? Below is a A summary of the Book of Philemon, a masterpiece of tactful pleading, in which Paul asks Philemon that the runaway slave (or servant), Onesimus, who as a penitent and converted man is now returning to the house from which he fled, be fully accepted:

  1. Listen to me, that is, to Paul, a man who has grown old in the service of his Lord. (verse 9).
  2. I am now a prisoner of Christ Jesus (v1,9). Surely, compared to the hardships of my imprisonment how small is the favor I am asking of you.
  3. Besides, I am your friend, who loves you, and admires you for the manner in which you have again and again refreshed the hearts of the saints (v4,5,7,8,9,20).
  4. We are in debt to God for all His goodness shown to us (verse 6). Also, you are in debt to me. In fact, you owe me your very life (verse 19).
  5. Onesimus is my child, my very heart, a brother beloved (v10,12,16).
  6. It is to your advantage to grant my request that you accept Onesimus, for the once useless one has become useful. I, for one, surely so regard him (v11,13,14).
  7. Favorable action on your part would be in line with God’s providential direction, which we should gratefully acknowledge (v15, 22b).
  8. The fellowship of all believers in Christ demands this, for not only you and I are included in this but so is Onesimus. (verse 17).
  9. I have confidence in your obedience. (verse 21).
  10. I want you to prepare a guest room for me, for I hope, in answer to the prayers of God’s children, to be granted to you (verse 22b).

Summary adapted from William Hendriksen

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