Neon Reformed OPC is Getting a Facelift!

From day one, Neon Reformed OPC’s building, a former store, has never looked much like a church building, but now, and because of the devastating flood last July, it is well on its way to becoming one of the nicest buildings in town. And, although a building is not what makes a church, the previous exterior was not reflective of the love and warmth of the church body inside. The renovation also adds some much needed room to the fellowship area/Sunday school room. The Lord has certainly worked to encourage this small congregation throughout this restoration project.

But it’s not just about the Church building. Mike and Sylvia Kelly continue to work with volunteers out in the community by building ramps, porches and Sheds of Hope, as needed, and able. In total, 24 needy homeowners were the recipients of the Sheds of Hope. Over 170 volunteers (some serving multiple times) have come from the OPC, PCA, and URC in 13 states during this ten-month effort. Mike and Sylvia plan to be in Neon for another two weeks. Sylvia openly admits, “It’s going to be hard to leave.”

The work there is winding down. One more large group is expected to help with some of the last remnants of the building restoration and a few community needs. After that, Mike and Sylvia, and their dog, Charlie, plan to head back to North Carolina.

It’s hard to use the word, “success” when referring to a devastating flood, but there’s no question, the Lord had His hand in every part of this. This is what OPC Disaster Response is all about—restoring worship and helping those in need, when they can’t help themselves. All in the name of Jesus.

Neon Reformed OPC is Getting a Facelift!

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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