New Manse Roof

By Pastor Claude Taylor

I always imagined that the hardest part of putting on a new roof would be getting the new shingles up the ladder. (I’ve seen guys climb up carrying a 50 lb pack on their shoulder). Imagine my surprise when I came home and found this crane in our driveway instead!

New Manse Roof

The Trustees have been discussing the need for a new roof for the manse for several years now, as our current roof was showing its age. (Elder Mixner put it on himself, back before my time). Little Giant Remodeling showed up bright and early this morning, and by mid-afternoon they are well on their way. With the help of the crane, all of the shingles are at least on the roof (although they’re not all nailed down yet!). Once complete, we’ll put new insulation in the attic and then move toward converting the manse to gas. Special thanks to Bob Mixner, the Trustees, and Little Giant Roofing for making this happen!


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New Manse Roof

New Hope Presbyterian Church • Bridgeton, NJ

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