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Outward OPC exists to encourage zeal for reaching the lost and to be a tool for the OPC (and other Reformed churches) to be more effective in reaching the lost. (You can subscribe for email updates on the Outward OPC home page) We will send occasional updates when we post new content to the website: www.outwardopc.com. You can expect about one email per week (at the most).

If you would be willing to take one minute and help us out, please respond to this post by clicking HERE and tell us what you think is one challenge or difficulty for you (or your church) in being more outward and evangelistic in your relationships with people. It would help us a lot as we think about topics to cover on the Outward OPC website in the future. So, click the link now and give us a quick response.

If you haven’t spent much time on the site, here are three of the most popular posts:

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“Stories From Houston: House to House After Harvey”

“Reader Survey: 89% of Respondents Asked About Conversions in Reformed Churches Said…”

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