Parking Lot Progress!

At last! The parking lot is being repaved!

For years, the Trustees have discussed repaving our parking lot, but repeatedly ran into different obstacles (including the COVID-19 pandemic). We are thankful that the paving project is underway, and things are happening quickly! 

First, new drainage pipes were installed underground to prevent water from pooling on the surface. Next, the old asphalt was scraped off, and the ground surface was leveled. If you remember all the dips in the parking lot, you’ll appreciate how nice the new level surface will be both for driving in the parking lot and walking.

The new asphalt comes next. Once it’s laid down, a steamroller will smooth out the surface of the new asphalt. Then, finally, new lines will be painted to mark parking spaces on the new pavement, and we’ll be good to go! We’ll have a smooth, safe surface.

Special thanks to the Trustees for overseeing the project. Thank you also to the many members of the church whose generous gifts have made this parking lot progress possible.

Check out the gallery below.


Parking Lot Progress!

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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