Pierced for Us

As we began our discussion about how Jesus was pierced for us, it was great to see so many smiling faces! Some of our campers made it to the shore over the weekend, and they say it’s a little cooler in Ocean City than here. Nice!

This afternoon, we began our time together reviewing our key verse for this year’s camp (Isaiah 53:5), and we focused on the first part of it: “But He was pierced for our transgressions.” The “He” Isaiah is referring to is Jesus—and we can easily understand what it means that He was “pierced” for us—He was crucified. It is a remarkable thing that Isaiah wrote these words more than 500 years before Jesus was born!


But what does Isaiah mean by that big word, “transgressions”? To “transgress” a law is to break the law. And we are all transgressors, or law-breakers. We know that those who break rules, or laws (like speeding or stealing) get punished for it. The same thing happens to those who break God’s laws; they will be punished for it.

In our story, Uncle Andrew thinks he doesn’t have to obey the rules other people live by. This is how he explains sending Polly to a place where he himself would be afraid to go. He says to Digory, “Men like me who possess hidden wisdom, are freed from common rules.” But Digory sees through Uncle Andrew’s excuses: “All it means,” he says to himself, “is that he thinks he can do anything he likes to get anything he wants.”

We are like Uncle Andrew when we think we can do anything we like to get anything we want. And when we think like that, we often transgress God’s good laws and bring punishment on ourselves.

But remember our verse: Jesus was pierced for us, punished, for our transgressions. What an amazing thing!


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