Principles for Understanding and Sharing the Bible

  1. The Bible teaches us how to understand and share the Bible.
  2. The Bible is a book of books.
  3. The Bible is written by man.
  4. All of Scripture is breathed out by God.
  5. All of Scripture is accurate.
  6. The Bible doesn’t contradict itself.
  7. Clear passages interpret less clear passages.
  8. All of Scripture is practical.
  9. The Bible provides examples for us to learn from.
  10. The Bible is alive.
  11. The Scriptures are convicting.
  12. The Bible is the history of salvation, building up to Christ.
  13. Every passage points to Christ.
  14. The Scriptures are a means of grace.
  15. The Scriptures should be read and shared with prayer.

This is from Pastor Claude’s current Sunday school class titled: Principles for Understanding and Sharing the Bible.

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