Read any good books lately?

The Shepherd Leader at Home, by Timothy Witmer. A short but practical book on leading your wife and children, from a Reformed perspective.

Creative Counterpart
, by Linda Dillow. A practical but encouraging look at the many aspects of being a Christian wife.

Marriage and Sexuality
The Meaning of Marriage, by Tim and Kathy Keller. Solid, refreshing, challenging, this might be the best book on marriage today.
Sex and the Supremacy of Christ, ed. John Piper and Justin Taylor. A collection of messages surrounding the topic of sexuality by a variety of well-known speakers, for both married and single.
A Promise Kept, by Robertson McQuilken. When a woman began suffering from Alzheimer’s, her husband chose her over a successful career in ministry. A true story.

For Young Adults
Sex is Not the Problem; Lust Is, by Joshua Harris. A young pastor gives practical advice for young men in fighting lust.
Passion and Purity—Learning to Bring Your Love Life Under Christ’s Control, by Elisabeth Elliot. This book helped an earlier generation of young Christian ladies.
Before You Get Engaged
Pre-Engagement: 5 Questions to Ask Yourselves, by David Powlison and John Yenchko. A short, very concise little pamphlet. Available from Pastor Taylor.


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Read any good books lately?

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