“Here are five people who are planning to hold up a bank. They are friends of mine. I find out about it and I plead with them. I beg them not to do it. Finally they push me out of the way and they start out. I tackle one of the men and wrestle him to the ground. The others go ahead, rob the bank, a guard is killed, they are captured, convicted, sentenced…The one man who was not involved in the robbery goes free. Now I ask you this question: whose fault was it that the other men died?.. Now this other man who is walking around free—can he say, “Because my heart is so good, I am a free man”? The only reason that he is free is because of me; because I restrained him. So those who go to hell have no one to blame but themselves. Those who go to heaven have no one to praise but Jesus Christ. Thus we see that salvation is all of grace from its beginning to its end.”  -D. James Kennedy

“We know that what has ended for the Christian is being “under the law” as a system of salvation. What has not ended is our obligation to obey the law as a way to please and express our gratitude to the God who has saved us by grace.” -Timothy Keller


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Salvation is all of grace

New Hope Presbyterian Church • Bridgeton, NJ

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