“The words “sit at my right hand” are not only a symbolic description of the seat of honor; they also conjure up a picture of an oriental court in which the king, seated on his throne, is surrounded by servants. The servants stand in the presence of the king to show their deference. To be asked by the king to take a seat next to him on his right is the greatest honor one could hope to receive. “To sit near the king at any time, is the emblem of being on terms of familiarity and friendship with him, for all but his peculiar favorites stand in his presence; but to sit near him when on the throne, is an emblem of rank, and dignity, and power in the kingdom.” -Simon Kistemaker, quoting John Brown

“Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies a foot stool for your feet” (Ps. 110:1, quoted in Hebrews 1:13)


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Sit at my right hand

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