“The kingdoms of the world are notoriously unstable. Babylon’s power was awesome, but it disappeared in a moment…In a sermon entitled ‘God’s Providence’, C.H. Surgeon said, ‘Napoleon once heard it said, that man proposes and God disposes. “Ah,” said Napoleon, “but I propose and dispose too.” How do you think he proposed and disposed? He proposed to go and take Russia; he proposed to make all Europe his. He proposed to destroy that power, and how did he come back again? How had he disposed it? He came back solitary and alone, his mighty army perished and wasted, having well-nigh eaten and devoured one another through hunger. Man proposes and God disposes.” (Derek Thomas, quoting C.H. Spurgeon)


“Man’s idolatry is always a result of too small a view of the true God.” (Derek Thomas)


“The idolater makes a god in his own image; the Lord intends to make His people in His.” (J. Alec Motyer)


“When man carries his god, the end is always destruction; when the true God carries man, the end is salvation.” (E.J. Young)


“The way through a problem is to think about God—in particular to recall Who He is and what He has done.” (J. Alec Motyer)


“Success is only guaranteed to the kingdom of God.” (Derek Thomas)


The kingdoms of the world are notoriously unstable  •  New Hope Presbyterian Church, Bridgeton

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