“What happens if we forget that there is ‘now no condemnation’? On the one hand, we feel far more guilt, unworthiness and pain than we should. From this may come drivenness from a need to “prove ourselves”; great sensitivity to criticism, defensiveness; a lack of confidence in relationships; a lack of confidence in relationships; a lack of confidence and joy in prayer and worship; and even addictive behavior, which can be a reaction to a deep sense of guilt and unworthiness. On the other hand, we will have far less motivation to live a holy life. We have fewer resources for self-control. Christians who don’t understand “no condemnation” only obey out of fear and duty. That is not nearly as powerful a motivation as love and gratitude. If we don’t grasp the full wonder of ‘now no condemnation’, we will understand each word of the rest of [Romans chapter 8] but completely miss the sense of it!” –Tim Keller

“We are set free from the law as a way of acceptance, but obliged to keep it as a way of holiness. It is as a ground of justification that the law no longer binds us….but as a standard of conduct the law is still binding, and we seek to fulfill it as we walk according to the Spirit.” –John Stott

To run and work the law commands,
Yet gives me neither feet nor hands;
But better news the gospel brings:
It bids me fly, and gives me wings.


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There is ‘now no condemnation’

New Hope Presbyterian Church • Bridgeton, NJ

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