What Was in the Time Capsule?

On Sunday, October 3, we celebrated the 85th anniversary of our congregation and our denomination, which also coincided with the 65th anniversary of our current building. As part of our celebration, we opened the time capsule that was enclosed in the date-stone of the building.

What Was in the Time Capsule?

What Was in the Time Capsule?

Inside we discovered 7 envelopes, containing:

What Was in the Time Capsule?

A Brief History of the congregation

A list of the charter members

A list of the members as of July, 1961

A list of the officers of the church

A copy of the bulletin from the last service before moving into the new building, along with a photo of the Commerce St. Building

A copy of Sunday School curriculum for July 1, 1961

The Congregational Report from 1961

In addition to the 7 envelopes, the time capsule also contained a copy of the Westminster Confession of Faith (published in 1946), a copy of the minutes of the 26th General Assembly (1959), an invitation to the dedication of the church and manse, dated July 31, 1961, and a copy of the New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. What an interesting testimony of what the people of the time thought to be historically significant!  If you were to start a time capsule today, what would put in it?


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What Was in the Time Capsule?

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