Who Could?

From Paul Tripp Ministries

could create a world
of stunning complexity,
waters deep
skies high
light bright
night dark,
every beautiful vista
constantly reflecting
the infinite glory of
the Creator?

could reach into dust
and into it breathe humanity
into humanity,
with all its individuality
with all its complexity,
stamping his image forever
from conception
on every woman
on every man
each one unique
but deeply the same?

could write the story of
the cosmos,
with all its twists and turns
from eternity to destiny
every situation
every location
every story,
written into his great redemptive narrative
nothing without his authorship
nothing without his rule?

could send plagues
part waters
provide manna as dew
slay giants
defeat kingdoms
raise up kings
speak through prophets,
all for his children?

could speak perfect truth
in words of law
in words of wisdom
in words of history
in words of poetry
in words of prophecy
in words of promise
in words of gospel,
through common men
inspired by the Holy Spirit
his Word in our hands
revealing his glory
defining our identity
expounding our purpose
exposing our sinfulness
proclaiming redemption
point to our destiny?

could come in full deity,
humble himself
take on humanity
live righteously
every moment our substitute
die sacrificially
rise victoriously
ascend to a throne
at the right hand of the Father
interceding constantly?

could dwell in his people,
they in him
he in them
dispensing grace
upon grace?

will win the final victory,
his foot on every foe
every battle won
every enemy defeated
death put to death?

will invite his children
every tongue
every nation
every race
from every corner of earth
the redeemed,
to sit at his banquet table?

will burn what sin damaged
creating a new heavens
a new earth,
where peace and righteousness
reign forever and ever
sin eradicated
suffering no more
every tear dried?

is this mighty one?
Jesus Christ
Son of God
Son of Man
Word in the Flesh
Promised Messiah
Sacrificial Lamb
Victorious King
Lord of Lords
God with us!
God for us!
God in us!

God bless,

Paul David Tripp

Reflection Questions

1. Read Genesis 1 and revisit the creation story. Do you live in constant awe of God’s creation, or do you take the stunning wonder you see every day for granted? What are your favorite elements of nature, and why? How can this remind you to worship and submit to the Creator?

2. How has God displayed his mighty power in your life? Assuming he has not sent plagues, parted seas, or provided manna for you, how has he rescued and provided for you over the years? How often do you reflect on these works of the Lord? (See Psalm 7:11-15)

3. How has the Bible been a lamp to your feet and a light to your path (Psalm 119:105)? Without it, have you stumbled and tripped like a blind person? What are you facing today that requires the wisdom of the Word? How can you spend more quality time studying God’s book?

4. What does the promise of eternity mean to you? More specifically, how does the promise of eternity change your decisions today? What are you facing today that you need to evaluate in light of eternity? What difference will it make in how you act?

5. How frequently do you share Jesus Christ with others? What do you talk about more passionately than the Good News? Who can you share the gospel with today?

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Who Could?

New Hope Presbyterian Church Bridgeton, NJ

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