Would it hurt us to lower ourselves?

Adapted from Isaiah: God Saves Sinners by Raymond Ortland, Jr.

“Would it hurt us to lower ourselves? Not if God is there. Lowliness is the humility that admits, “Where I really belong is at the bottom. What I deserve to be is a nobody.”  That is so liberating. Life opens up then. Remember Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast? Some guests were crowding up to the head table, but the host told them those seats were reserved for others. They were embarrassed.  But the people who took the low places were invited to move up to the seats of honor (Luke 14:7-11)…The high and holy One does notice, and He visits the lowly…

Consider the following resolution: “I am resolved to humble myself under the mighty hand of God. I strive to do all that is within my power to expose, challenge, and change my innermost beliefs, values, and attitudes. I have committed myself to this.”  Could you say that? Could you make these words your own?


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Would it hurt us to lower ourselves?

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